We Are Experiencing A Paradigm Shift… Here’s What That Means:

We hear people talking about it everywhere we go. “The world has gone mad,” “People are going crazy,” “What’s happening to our society?” Violence is out of control. People refrain from discussing their beliefs out of fear. Relationships fall apart because of polarizing opinions. Is all of this normal? Well, yes and no. All ofContinue reading “We Are Experiencing A Paradigm Shift… Here’s What That Means:”

Are You Independent Or Just Afraid of Rejection?

Are you the type of person who always prefers to work alone rather than with a group? Are you “picky” with the type of people you hang out around? Do you stay home instead of going out with your friends? While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, many people claim to beContinue reading “Are You Independent Or Just Afraid of Rejection?”

Here’s Why You Already HAVE Everything You Want

Stop looking for something, and you find it. Why does this happen? Why is it that once we give up, once it all seems hopeless, it happens? Our dreams come true. The opportunity to succeed seems to fall directly into our laps. Is it luck? A coincidence? It must be one of the two. AfterContinue reading “Here’s Why You Already HAVE Everything You Want”

Why Your Pain Is ALWAYS Valid

We’ve all heard it before. “There are children starving in Africa.” Shut up. Don’t complain. Suck it up because there are people who have it WAY worse than you. So, we do shut up. We stop talking about our pain because we have been taught that by expressing our own pain, we are somehow beingContinue reading “Why Your Pain Is ALWAYS Valid”

Don’t Try So Hard to be Lovable, Do THIS Instead…

There are millions of people on Earth right now who are “searching for love”. Maybe you are one of them, or maybe you have already found it. Regardless of which position you are in now, we can all relate to that intense craving for love. We see other people engage in acts of affection withContinue reading “Don’t Try So Hard to be Lovable, Do THIS Instead…”

Are You Addicted to Being a Victim?

You feel a rush of righteousness and entitlement as you sit with your friends on a Friday night. They were all talking about their amazing careers and how much money they were making. You know that you should feel happy for them and their success. You know you should be smiling along with them insteadContinue reading “Are You Addicted to Being a Victim?”

My Goal as a 16 Year Old Blogger

Why on earth would a 16 year old write a blog? With just a quick google search, you can find countless websites which offer advice for teenagers, but who does this advice come from? That’s right: adults. You may say adults USED to be teenagers, so of course they can relate to teenagers and helpContinue reading “My Goal as a 16 Year Old Blogger”