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We Are Experiencing A Paradigm Shift… Here’s What That Means:

We hear people talking about it everywhere we go. “The world has gone mad,” “People are going crazy,” “What’s happening to our society?” Violence is out of control. People refrain from discussing their beliefs out of fear. Relationships fall apart because of polarizing opinions. Is all of this normal? Well, yes and no. All of…

The Difference Between TRUST and FAITH

What do you trust? You may trust your partner, your best friend, or even yourself. When you trust someone, usually it’s someone you have gotten to know over a long period of time. When you trust someone, you are comfortable being vulnerable around them. Who do you have faith in? What does this question even…

The Fine Line Between Pain and Pleasure

Both pleasure and pain are unavoidable aspects of life. From birth to death, we experience cyclical ups and downs. Sometimes it may feel like a rollercoaster, other times it may feel like riding the waves of the ocean. Either way, nothing is ever constant in life, even if we try to make it so. The…

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